Individual Counselling

COVID-19 update: As a safety precaution, I am providing all therapy services over an online videoconferencing platform (Zoom for healthcare). 

I believe that it is part of the human condition to move in and out of touch with our strength, resilience, and worthiness. It is when we lose contact with this inner compass that discomfort arises, often in the form of a harsh inner critic, chronic anxiety, low mood and difficult relational patterns. Whatever form your unique struggle takes, I am hopeful that a counselling process can be an important part of your healing process.

I see my role as a witness of your journey to re-discover your core worth and find greater self-acceptance and inner peace.

Expect to be heard, understood and accepted. Through this deep listening process, you can come to know your own strength and resilience, opening space to challenge fear and stuck places. Together, we will work to soften unhelpful patterns through the exploration of your first family, self-compassion practice, and mindful awareness.

I am particularly interested in:

  • The journey to self-love and acceptance
  • The wisdom lurking in struggle, transition, and the grieving process
  • Finding motivation for courageous change